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The Image Technology of HONOR Magic 5 pro

HONOR Magic5 series, set the classic design of the trend aesthetics, luxury hardware lineup, and the world's first image system in one, and broke through a number of technical barriers, bringing us the largest upgrade in the history of HONOR, the most comprehensive experience of the top high-end flagship series. In this blog post, we will discuss the imaging technology of HONOR Magic 5 Pro.

Image Technology of HONOR Magic5 pro


Optical Technology

With OIS optical stabilization and a variety of sensors, and then with the fusion computing optical system accumulated by HONOR itself, the three-shot capability of 50 million pixels is maximized, achieving continuous high-quality imaging from 0.5 times to 14 times.


Hawk-eye Capture

HONOR Magic 5 series also supports hawk-eye camera-flash capture, which can achieve a faster and more accurate capture experience, and better capture wonderful moments, especially in the night environment, under the premise of ensuring picture quality, and can achieve several times the shooting speed of competing products. The "Eagle Eye wonderful capture" function can also use AI technology to achieve automatic capture and shooting of a variety of sports, and the existence of absolute black technology.


Front-facing Camera

A 12-megapixel front-facing camera, a 100-degree smart wide-angle selfie portrait mode, and AI anti-distortion in the upper left corner of the front are convenient for both single and multi-person selfies. Next to it is a 3D deep-sensing camera, which can further improve the security of face unlock and face payment.


Rear Camera

The three rear cameras form a solid triangle shape, and the outer ring is surrounded by a circle. It is because of HONOR's constant pursuit of extreme beauty that it finally realizes the perfect integration of science technology and humanistic aesthetics, creating the atmospheric, concise, and classical ID design of the HONOR Magic 5 series.


Rear Camera Hardware

In terms of hardware, the HONOR Magic5 Pro is equipped with a 50-million-pixel wide-angle main camera, with a 1/1.12-inch outsole sensor and the main camera has OIS optical anti-shake, and you are not afraid to take pictures at night. The ultra-wide Angle is also 50 million pixels, a 1/2-inch sensor size, and 122 degrees of ultra-wide Angle, and supports 2.5cm super macro shooting, which can accommodate vast scenery and record the microscopic world. The telephoto lens is also 50 megapixels, has OIS optical stabilization, supports 3.5x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, and can shoot extremely long scenes. The three 50-megapixel lenses cover a wide range of focal segments, making the HONOR Magic 5 Pro an all-purpose imaging flagship.



In terms of screen, the HONOR Magic5 Pro adopts a 6.81-inch screen, supports the second-generation screen concentrating technology, has 1300nits global maximum brightness and 1800nits peak brightness, and has passed the HDR10+, HDR Vivid, IMAX Enhanced, ZREAL frames enjoy quadruple HDR authentication. In the upper left corner of the screen, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle front camera +3D deep sensing camera is installed, and an elliptical opening design is adopted in the upper left corner.



HONOR Magic 5 Pro has superb camera technology, which is very suitable for photography enthusiasts, especially the novel gameplay of hawk-eye capture, which can capture every wonderful moment of life.